Interactive movie : buddha hoga thera daddu

August 2, 2015

I watched recently buddha hoga thera baap - amitabh movie. Saw amitabh's old songs in a new song. Got a new idea of interactive movie of amitabh - say - buddha hoga thera daddu - (after news of amitabh prospective grand children).. starting from om prakash as daddu and amitabh as namak halaal, visualizing all the movies of amitabh - don, agneepath, naseeb, namak halaal , lawaris, kabhi kushi kabhi gham, shahen shah.... Interactive movie - An interactive movie is a video game that features highly cinematic presentation and heavy use of scripting, often through the use of full-motion video of either animated or live-action footage. video game players can configure their own sequence and chapters of movie from various scenes of amitabh movies... From wikipedia on Interactive movie "This genre came about with the invention of laserdiscs and laserdisc players, the first nonlinear or random access video play devices. The fact that a laserdisc player could jump to and play any chapter instantaneously (rather than proceed in a linear path from start to finish like videotape) meant that games with branching plotlines could be constructed from out-of-order video chapters in much the same way as Choose Your Own Adventure books could be constructed from out-of-order pages, or the way an interactive film is constructed by choosing from a web of linked narratives. Thus, interactive movies were animated or filmed with real actors like movies (or in some later cases, rendered with 3D models), and followed a main storyline. Alternative scenes were filmed to be triggered after wrong (or alternate allowable) actions of the player (such as 'Game Over' scenes)." "The hardware for these games consisted of a laserdisc player linked to a processor configured with interface software that assigned a jump-to-chapter function to each of the controller buttons at each decision point. Much as a Choose Your Own Adventure book might say "If you turn left, go to page 7. If you turn right, go to page 8," the controller for Dragon's Lair or Cliff Hanger would be programmed to go to the next chapter in the successful story if a player pressed the right button, or to go to the death chapter if he pressed the wrong one. Because laserdisc players of the day were not robust enough to handle the constant wear placed on them by constant arcade use, they required frequent replacement. The laserdiscs that contained the footage were ordinary laserdiscs with nothing special about them save for the order of their chapters, and if removed from the arcade console would readily display their video on standard, non-interactive laserdisc players; to this day they are still much sought-after by laserdisc collectors." Interactive video tools which can be used to make your own dream come true first interactive cinema.....buddha hoga thera daddu..


Technology and Movies

August 2, 2015
The technology and movies - hollywood is the topic. Starting with enemy of the state, will smith tracked by the satellite technology, mission impossibleII tracking ethan hunt (tomcruise) girl friend with embedded rfid landing in an island with villian. tom cruise's minority report the girl's brain is almost like q-chip predicting the crime in future. pay cheque has time chain machine authenticated to see the future, face off the facial swap between john travolta and nicholas cage, kurt russel...
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