The martian movie from ridley scott is a spectacular movie. Matt Damon does it as usual with ease the astronaut dropped alone hurt in mars. The technology plays an important role in saving the hero by connecting through a cord and picking him up. 

Solar power, nuclear power, Robotics, space farming and ion propulsion play a significant role in getting the astronaut back to home from mars.

Space Technology and Space physics play important role in getting from the hermes space craft to the planet Mars.  The theoretical idea is picking up a person in the space after ejection of the space module from mars in the orbit.  This idea turns technical and get executed in the movie in a spectacular fashion. IMAX gives a better experience. 

Satellite technology around the mars provides capability to track, locate and view the astronaut's action on the mars.Oxygen recovery and recycling is shown in the movie.

Overall a great movie to watch