Airlift is a well made reality movie. Akshay kumar as usual acts with ease. The movie is kept focussed on the theme. Audience get stuck to the movie till the end.

Indians stuck in kuwait during 1990 are lifted by a rich man played by Akshay kumar. The rich man leads the indian camp to come out of the kuwait attacked by Iraq. Iraqi army attacks kuwaitis disguised as indians. Akshay leads the camp to the airlift to mumbai with one kuwaiti muslim lady.  The scenes are shown in realistic mode. Akshay handles tough diplomatic situations with Iraqi general at home and office. The tussle between Indian consulate, external affairs ministry and kuwaiti government is shown very welll through out the movie.

"Bring real life of people on reel " - People who like this concept might like Airlift. Evacuation of 1.7 lakh indians on 488 flights in 59 days because of 1 man is a spectacular effort by the real indian - Ranjit katyal. Foreign minister IK gujral at that time tried to negotiate with saddam to airlift. Airlift happened because of Ranjit move of indians through desert to reach jordan and iraq.

Overall it is a great movie.   I get reminded of my child hood when I read the news of iraqis attacking kuwait....