Bridge of spies - Spielberg movie shows how a common man James Donnovan played by Tom Hanks tries to solve a very complex security intelligence problem with ease and comes out in flying colours. The way he thinks about humanity versus national politics, cold war is depicted in the movie by spielberg. Tom Hanks as usual performs with natural ease.  His acting as a insurance lawyer to defend a soviet agent and negotiate with russia and east germany to release two americans for one.

Spielberg presents the movie without dramatics and shows the reality of the coldwar and negotiations. The agent false family and his soviet's view of agent's life is demonstrated in real manner.

The real story of Gary powers who is one of the americans exchanged for a soviet agent is interesting. The video shows what really happened from Gary Powers perspective in Soviet Union.

Gary Powers Video

Overall  Spielberg's Movie : Bridge of spies is great for people who think that a common man can solve a very complex and tough security problem.