For all those great Rocky Balboa fans, Creed is a great movie where Balboa changes as coach to Apollo Creed's son.  Rocky has been a great movie series for me.  It was great when I was a kid to watch and grow up thinking one day I will be rocky balboa - physically. It was great today when I went with my father to watch the movie. We watched Rocky III in 1982, Rocky IV in 1985, Rocky V in 1990 and Rocky VII in 2015. I remember talking to dad regarding Rocky VI in 2006. It was great to watch in my 40's to watch Rocky VII with father in 70's.

I did try to become rocky physically but never tried to box. I always remembered "No pain No gain" when rocky comes back from down to top by beating the odds physically.   The new "Creed" has new theme. As a coach, his words are "one step at a time, one shot a time, one punch at a time".

I remember apollo inspiring rocky to get back and become the champion. Creed has balboa inspiring apollo's son.
The rocky's final run at the end of rocky I, II, III in philadelphia - wachovia spectrum.  Creed and rocky meet at the same ..

It is a great movie. Realistic movie for people who like reality. For rocky movie fans, it is a great come back for stallone.. are we having rocky VIII...?? rocky balboa as the rich man sponsoring the boxing event,....gets cancer treated and comes back to coach creed to fight russians and other boxers at international level.

let us close great mickey and rocky  - rocky & creed  in the boxing alley..