Choose who will be the next James bond.

Idris Elba

Watch Idris Elba as James Bond. Spectre played by Idris Elba... do you like daniel craig or Idris Elba... I thought Daniel did better....

Damian Lewis

Watch Damian as working for MI6 and ewan gregor taking him to the plot... do you like him or sean connery dragged towards russian plot...

James Norton

Watch War and Peace  Trailer... Is James Norton the next Bond ??....

Aidan Turner

Watch Aidan as James bond   Will he flop like Timothy Dalton or does he have the rare sean connery style ??

Tom Hardy

Watch Tom Hardy as James Bond   Does he look  like George Lazenby or Roger Moore gearing up for space journey...??

Henry Cavill

Watch Henry Cavill as James bond in trailer 1 and trailer 2.  .. But his personal style does not match james bond.. I doubt...

Tom Hiddleston

Watch High Rise Trailer  and Night Manager on BBC one.. Can Loki be the james bond ?? According to Marvel Comic..No..

Jason Statham

check out Fan trailer of Furious 7...  tough luck... transporter and cars... can he ride a bmw ??

Michael Fassbender

check out Fan trailer of christopher nolan's bond movie...   is that christopher nolan's direction... or fassbender's touch.... I choose  christopher nolan direction..

Colin Firth

Watch genius trailer.... does he look like old roger moore ??

Hugh Grant

Watch this trailer  I doubt...

Robbie williams

Hard luck....

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People choose bond... and let us see how new bond performs to the people choice...