Spectre was a pleasant surprise for technology enthusiasts. Future looks bright in the movie. When I googled as usual after sipping mocha, eureka... the future is in our own google translate app....

Translate images and text embedded in it

The laser beam watches are the latest and greatest. As usual they tell time -)). The smart city aspects like city surveillancein london -around six million closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the U.K. 

The car chases are into a new dimension... Bourne identity ++ scenes and camera taking us into a new dimension for action...

Helicopter flying upside down in mexico... my back ground in aerospace got a pleaseant surprise... when bond...does in line with science...rotating upside down and changing the altitude to the crowd level in mexico.. flying up. to avoid the stall of the helicopter blades.. sounds like a scientific research project in work... (is it a thriller or a discovery movie ??)..

Bond hits the helicopter rotor engine.. from a boat.. spectacular scene..

Check out this video

Smart blood - Interesting concept of the future....some scientists even believe that a swarm of nanobots in the bloodstream could eventually make humans immune to disease, as the bots would simply destroy or fix any issues as soon as they arrive. Brain drilling machine on bond... and the technology the laser watch does the trick.. 

planes with snowmobiles... thoughts fly about amphibian aircrafts.. (snow and water..states differ-)))..


For Action and Thrilling scenes, Spectre is a spectacular starter...  check out this link for amazing success of 550 million $.

The other interesting part of spectre is sam smith singing writing on the wall..