JJ Abrahams presents StarWars in the latest generation with the theme of Starwars legacy. The space ship, solar driven fighter are shown in 3D for the first time. It was incredible experience to watch the space ship and solar driven fighter in chase. After 30 years, harrison ford is back in starwars VII with the characters from the starwars - Return of Jedi

Holography is presented in various scenes. The galaxy and position of stars are show in holographic map.
Starmap shown in starwars VII is holographic projection of the location of the stars.

The robots R2D2, BB-8 Droid, C3PO Droid are shown together working in the space ship.

Alcuberrie Warp drive is presented in the movie where harrison ford drives the starship into the warp drive to move from one planet to other.

The 360 degree video link presents the spectacular scenes of Starwars VII. The light saber is show in different themes and technology is presented using magnetic field beams.

Overall starwars VII movie is a great watch.